Thunderbird Livestock Management Systems

Fence Testers

lite tester

Lite Volt Tester

  • no batteries required
  • lights flash at 1500 volt steps
digital tester

Digital Volt Meter

  • auto on & off
  • reads up to 10,000 volts
Download Digital Voltmeter Instructions (PDF)

5A Fault Locator

5A Fault Locator

  • Cordless design - no wires needed
  • Large LCD Displays - voltage, amps and direction of Fault
  • Comfortable ergonomic, hand held, O-ring sealed enclosure
  • Up to 2 year battery life
  • SMD and Micro chip design provide ultimate performance and reliability
Download the 5A Fault Locator Brochure (PDF)
Download the 5A instructions

Fence Flasher

Fence Flasher

  • flashes if fence is over 2,000 volts
  • can be seen 1 km away

Download Fence Flasher Instructions (PDF)

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