Thunderbird Livestock Management Systems

Advanced Generation Solar Fence Energisers

6 NEW Exciting Models

Thunderbird has released an exciting new range of solar powered fence energisers with advanced features that are designed to benefit you throughout itís life.

The electronics are sealed to prevent damage by insects and moisture - 2 of the leading causes of energiser failure.

The system is super fast and easy to set up, with all leads supplied.

s150 (17K)
s150rear (9K)
Rear view shows, how easy unit mounts to steel posts, convenient carry handle and moulded case angle to maximise solar collection.
Intelligent battery management computer firmware monitors energy collected by the solar panel and adjusts output accordingly.
  • Australian - designed, owned and made
  • Low battery light indicates low battery supply voltage
  • Pulse fence light indicates energiser operations is ok.
  • Mains power adaptor for battery charging supplied ( models S20B & S40B only )
  • Vacuum sealed transformer, for greater reliability
  • A padlock can be fitted to post to deter theft.
  • Encapsulated electronics - protected from moisture and insect damage.
  • Sealed rechargeable battery fitted internally ( models S20B & S40B only )
  • Earth and Fence leads supplied with insulated clips
  • Fitted with lightning spark gap earth diverter
  • Switch cavity to avoid mechanical damage
  • Tough ABS enclosure for maximum solar collection
  • Modular design for easy servicing

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